Testing is a part of the Aikido learning process.  As students progress in their training, they accrue experience and gain technical knowledge.  Once a student has reached the requred number of practice hours, he/she will be invited to test by the chief instructor (see requrements below).

Along with learning the physical tecnhiques of Aikido, students should develop a broader philosophical understanding of the art.  It is not enough to merely get out on the mat and throw people around - a true student of Aikido must seek to understand O'Sensei's vision of Budo.

To ensure this learning occurs, each kyu test has an associated book students must read before taking their next test.  These books are avialable in our dojo library for you to take out.  For dan promotion, students will write a breif essay in which they express their understanding of Aikido at that time in their practice.

For our testing guidelines, see the link below: